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  • Because it’s just an app: no card reader, hardware or dongles are needed to accept Debit or Credit Cards. It’s easier to use, cheaper, and much more versatile than a credit card reader, and you don’t need a merchant account or a contract. Hold the customer’s debit or credit card under your mobile phone’s camera and it will process the payment in seconds. In addition to accepting debit or credit cards, you can send PayLinks by email to let your customers pay by card from their computer. You can also manually enter card details and use a virtual terminal to take card payments over the phone.
  • The mobile payment app will work on iPhone, iPad, and any Android device (like a Samsung Galaxy or an HTC One). The web dashboard will work on any Mac or PC. We recommend the Chrome browser for optimal functionality. We don’t recommend using Internet Explorer, as some features of the dashboard are not compatible with IE. Just tap the App Store on your iPhone or iPad (or the Google Play Store on Android) and search for "SmartTrade App." If you’re searching on the iPad App Store, make sure to search iPhone apps to find us. To access the web dashboard, simply log in via our website.

Getting Started

  • If you’re a registered business, you’ll need your company number and VAT number (if you’re registered for VAT). If you’re an individual, you’ll need either your passport or driving license number. We also need your date of birth, email address and for you to create a password. In both cases, you’ll also need your bank account number and sort code for the bank account where you wish your payments to be deposited. No credit checks!
  • The web dashboard is the online account, accessed through a web browser, where you can manage your job leads and bookings, track current and past jobs, check the status of payments, and take card payments over the phone. You can also upload, manage, and download your customer list at any time from the dashboard.
  • Not every SmartTrade App account holder using Stripe is asked for additional verifications. If you are asked for photo iD just snap your Driver License or Passport page and then log in to in your web browser on your PC, laptop or Mac and upload the photo to your Stripe account. Don't forget your Stripe account logins are the same as your SmartTrade App account.


  • No, there are no contracts. You can get started in minutes and cancel anytime you want. However, we do offer a 15% discount for anyone who would like to commit for 12 months with us.


  • Subscription plans start from £9.99 per month, which gives you access to our entire platform. Your transaction rate will depend on your plan, please see "What`s my transaction fee?" below to find your rate.
  • Standard debit and credit card transaction rates start at 2.15% for Sole Traders, 1.85% for Business Plans and 1.75% for Enterprise plans; all with a 20p bank charge per transaction. Accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex, as well as all major foreign cards (1.5% extra surcharge for Non-EU cards). These fees are lower than those from other payment providers, and you save even more by not having to purchase hardware or sign a contract. If you process more than £30,000 a month we can give you excellent rates and a 3-day settlement period to get your money into your account.
  • A refund is a credit that you issue to the customer, often because they returned a product or they were unhappy with the service. There is no cost or fee involved in refunding a customer. Chargebacks are a counter charge initiated by the customers bank, as instructed by the customer and come with a £15 fee (see below for more details).


  • Open the app, tap Jobs, then fill in the job details, including the customer’s e-mail address. Then click on send invoice on the right hand side of the jobs page. You can also re-send paperless invoices to customers on request for payments already taken and balance statements to customers who wish to know the remaining balance on a job in progress.
  • The Quotes tab in the app or the web dashboard allows you to send and manage paperless quotes. You can see the status of each payment against a quote, even if you’ve asked for a partial payment or deposit from a customer.

Jobs & Job Leads

  • When you send a quote from the app or the web dashboard, the customer will get the quote by email. There’s a summary amount in the email and an attached PDF with a breakdown on the email. If the customer is happy with the quote, they will click the big blue Accept Quote button on the email they are sent. If the customer accepts the quote, you have the job! The quote is automatically moved into your Jobs folder, where you can update it, ask for deposits, and get paid.
  • Yes. Parts and items are stored in the app and web dashboard so you can reuse them. Just start typing and the auto-fill feature will display words beginning with that letter or sequence of letters. It also saves the monetary amount so you don’t have to retype it.
  • Currently, you can have someone in your office send you job leads with the web dashboard. We’re going to be integrating job lead feeds from major lead generators into the app to give you even more options soon.
  • Just tap the Job and then tap the Wheel Icon, you can then either Archive the Job (which hides it and you can bring it back) or Delete the Job properly.
  • Job leads are only available on certain apps. You can VIEW and CONNECT TO CUSTOMER on a Full Job lead. You can delete a full job lead by tapping REMOVE THIS JOB LEAD which is underneath the big orange CONNECT WITH CUSTOMER button.

My Account

  • Yes, with our Business and Enterprise plans you can add up to 15 and 50 users to take payments under your account, all with their very own logins. As the business owner you will have complete control of everything, while you have the option to set the access level for each of your employees, whether they are an admin, manager or simply a member. A regular member will only be able to see their own transactions no matter how many other members exist.
  • Tap or click on the Customers tab in the app or the web dashboard. Customers are added automatically if you create a job, and you can reuse customer entries in new jobs so you don’t have to re-type customer details.
  • Our payment provider will work with you and the customer’s credit card company to resolve chargebacks in the most simple, straightforward, and business-friendly way possible. When a chargeback is initiated, you will received an automated email with the details. The payment provider will deduct the disputed amount and fee from your bank account after the dispute is received, and will re-deposit the amount if the dispute is resolved in your favor. In the Disputes section of the web dashboard (under Payments), you can view information on why the charge was disputed and use the “Respond to dispute” link to enter evidence that the charge was legitimate. Evidence often includes emails, customer service call logs, tracking numbers, delivery confirmations, and the like. Our payment provider charges £15 per chargeback, but this amount will be refunded to you if the dispute is resolved in your favor. For more details and guidance on the dispute process, see
  • You can issue refunds via your Stripe dashboard. You can either hover over the charge in the payments section and click the Refund link that appears, or go to the specific charge page and click on the Refund button displayed right below the payment amount. You can issue whole or partial refunds, for any amount up to the original amount of the charge. The customer will receive the refund in their bank account in 5–10 days. When you refund a charge, the fees that you paid to process the charge are also returned to you, pro-rated (i.e., if you refund 25% of the charge, you’ll receive a 25% refund of the processing charges as well).


  • Just hold the card under the card scanner and voila! The card details are scanned by the app, verified, and passed onto our payment provider for processing. It only takes a few seconds, and the transfer is protected with military-grade security. You can also enter card details manually. If the customer does not have enough funds on their card for the payment, the card will automatically be declined and the payment will fail. If an attempted payment is successful, the funds for the purchase will be captured immediately by default. A paperless receipt is automatically generated for the customer, and your money clears within 7 non working days. Please be aware, even though we will submit transfers every day of the year, with some banks, transfers won't be available on holidays or weekends, so you may see an occasional delay of up to three extra days. We don’t save any card data on your device, and your customer’s card details aren’t saved after the payment has been collected.
  • Card payments take 7 days to be deposited in your bank account. Take the payment on a Monday get the money in your bank on the following Monday. Your first card payment you take will take an extra 3 days for screening and security, so 10 days for the first payment on your account. For businesses processing more than £30,000 per month we have a 3-day transfer schedule available. Please email or call us if you are eligible. Please be aware, even though we will submit transfers every day of the year, with some banks, transfers won't be available on holidays or weekends, so you may see an occasional delay of up to three extra days.
  • A PayLink is an e-mailed invoice with a 'Pay My Invoice' button in it. It's a request to pay the Invoice or part pay a deposit. You can send a PayLink from the App or Web Dashboard. The customer clicks the link from their email and it opens a webpage on their web browser; they’ll then enter their card details using a secure form. A PayLink is a great option if the customer doesn’t have time to pay when you complete the job or for collecting advance payments for materials.
  • If this is the case, you can send your customers a PayLink from your phone or your web dashboard, allowing them to pay through a secure form online from their PC, laptop, or mobile. You can also take a card payment over the phone while logged into your web dashboard in your office or at home.
  • Log into the web dashboard and click on the orange Take Card Payment button in the top-right corner. Write a short description under “What’s it for?” Add the amount, then click Continue or hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Ask the customer for their credit or debit card number and add the card details to the form. Then, just click the green Continue button or hit the Enter key on your keyboard to process the payment. If you want to read more, check out our blog post on taking payments over the phone.
  • All you need is your customer's card and the security numbers on the back, called the CVC number, to validate it. The customer enters this CVC number, which increases security, and our card payment provider checks to make sure it’s valid before applying a charge. This makes it quick and easy to take customer payments on the spot while also ensuring the card is valid.
  • Nope. All you need is the the card number, the expiry date, and the security digits on the back of the customer’s card, called the CVC number. Our card payment provider checks this to make sure the card is valid before applying a charge. This makes it quicker and easier to take secure payments from your customers.
  • No—because the credit card network may be refunding the charge already, it’s not possible to refund a disputed charge (this would result in the customer potentially getting their money back twice).
  • No—refunds can’t be cancelled. If you’d like to charge your customer for the amount that you’ve refunded, you can create a new charge for the customer. If the card that you’re refunding the payment to has been cancelled, the customer’s new card will be credited or their bank will send the refund directly to their bank account. In very rare cases, the bank won’t know what to do, at which point we will contact you and ask how you would like to handle the refund.
  • Make sure that customers will recognise the description that appears on their credit card statement; when choosing a company name for your account, we recommend choosing a name that your customers will associate with you (it’s possible that this won’t be your official corporate name; it could be your website or your main product). Also, make sure that it’s very easy for customers to find your customer service contact information, and respond to queries as quickly as possible.
  • On the online Web Dashboard: If the card details are correct, the card will be processed. Card details are checked as you type, so you will know if the card number and CVC (3-digit security code on the back of the card) are correct. If the card details are incorrect, you will immediately see a red X in the card number field of the payment page. When you see the X, try re-entering the previous digit. If that doesn't solve the problem, re-enter the entire card number or ask the customer for a different card. The customer may have money on the card, but these are some other reasons why cards are declined; * If it’s been blocked by the issuer * Lacks sufficient funds * Card requires a PIN * New/ Change of PIN process has blocked the card * Is being used outside of its issuing country * Is limited to business usage, or other reasons. If a card is immediately declined, try running it again and then if that fails again ask for a different card. Or ask the customer to call their bank and find out the reason for the decline, request the payment to be authorised and then reprocess it.
  • This is a warning that can be caused by an incorrect card number, an invalid card number, an invalid expiry month or year, an invalid security code (CVC), an expired card, or a declined card. Most of the time, re-entering the offending information (card number, expiry date, or CVC) will solve the problem. If this happens repeatedly, you’ll need to ask the customer for another card. If you type the long card number and the tick is green when you have entered all the card digits then this card number is valid.
  • We’ll give you as much information as possible, but we rarely receive any information from the declining bank. When face to face taking a card payment with the app. The customer may have money on the card, but these are some other reasons why cards are declined; * If it’s been blocked by the issuer * Lacks sufficient funds * Card requires a PIN * New/ Change of PIN process has blocked the card * Is being used outside of its issuing country * Is limited to business usage, or other reasons. If a card is immediately declined, try running it again and then if that fails again ask for a different card. As soon as you process the card it will give other reasons for the decline if its not the above like the card has expired it will say so.It’s best to have your customer contact their card issuer or bank and ask about the decline.
  • The correctness of the card number, the expiration data, and the CVC are the primary factors used by the customer’s bank when deciding whether or not to accept a transaction so make sure that you enter all of the fields correctly. Different companies place different amounts of emphasis on the various fields, so collecting as much accurate information as possible will help you keep the number of declines to a minimum.
  • Each payment listed in the app and dashboard will have the payment status clearly marked. If you need more information, just head to the Payments tab and open up the specific payment—you’ll find all of the information that we have there.
  • We definitely understand the cash flow painpoint created by a seven-day turnaround. Stripe our processing partner have begun to address this issue by offering a two-day transfer schedule in the U.S. to most users, and we are actively working to speed up transfers for all of our users around the globe. For a bit of background, most other payment providers require a “reserve.” This is a pile of cash that they hold onto to protect themselves against various risks associated with providing credit services to a business. This can often be a substantial fraction of monthly revenue, and becomes quite expensive from a cash-flow perspective. Stripe's transfer delay is designed as a friendlier alternative to a reserve system. It's also worth noting that this hold occurs on a rolling basis; so, a charge made on Wednesday (while your account is on our seven day schedule) is in your bank account the following Wednesday, a charge on Thursday is in your bank the next Thursday, and so on. In this way, you can avoid the hassles traditionally associated with payment processors' reserves while still gaining the benefit of continuous payouts. As soon as the 2 day transfer is live you will be notified!
  • If you are taking a lot of consecutive payments in a short space of time at a event or show it’s important to whitelist Stripe, our card processor, with your bank beforehand. Call your bank and give them these instructions: Stripe’s ACH company ID, to give their bank: WFMSTRIPE1 and 3270465600. If you are planning on using SmartTrade App at an event read this blogpost for tips and tricks.
  • The “Send Invoice” option isn’t for the customer paying off the emailed Invoice. You need to send your customer a Paylink, which is a payable emailed invoice where they can pay by card. To send a Paylink just ‘Create an Invoice’, add some costs and descriptions then ‘Get Paid’ and click ‘Paylink’ as your payment option. Then, enter your customer's email and send your customer the Paylink, which they can pay by card wherever they are via a secure webpage on their PC, mac or mobile device. Watch this guide on how to get paid by Paylinks.

Promote and Earn

  • We pay 20% recurring commission, every month, for 12 months straight! That`s right .. for every merchant signing up through you, you get 20% commission on their first 12 months with SmartTrade App. Currently our plan prices are £9.99 for SoleTrader, £26.99 for 15 members for Business plan, and £89.99 for up to 50 members on the Enterprise plan. Example: Sole Trader plan 100 merchants would earn you £2,397.60 for the 12 months. Business plan 100 members would earn you £6,477.60 for the 12 months. Enterprise plan 100 members would earn you £21,579.60 for the 12 months.


  • There are a few ways we help our merchants with issues. Firstly if you are trying to take a payment and you are getting errors we always advise you log out of the app and relogin again. Logging in again means you enter your email address and password, then you should see a 'Loading your stuff ...' message. This clears most issues. If you still have an issue check there is an App UPDATE in the Appstore as there may be an important fix in that release. If you still have an issue after trying these methods, then please call us on Support if its urgent, or email the support email with all the device information, Invoice Number and issue you are having. If you have a customer card payment that is declining you must try another card from them.
  • The app sounds are really useful to hear incoming job leads but if you don't feel the same way all you have to do is go to settings in your phone, then notifications, select the app and turn sounds off. Voila! Your day might be slightly quieter now.