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Paperless invoice management as well as payments

Create invoices seamlessly from jobs

SmartTrade App keeps all the details about your jobs in one place, whether they’re in progress, scheduled, completed or are leads. You’ll have access to the customer’s details, the start and end dates, your notes, and all quotes, invoices and payment receipts. Create invoices easily from jobs or by converting your quote

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Update your invoices and request deposits

During a job, it may be necessary to adjust the invoice to add or remove needed items. SmartTrade App allows you to do this easily. Request a single or multiple deposits with just a few taps of your finger – set a percentage of the invoice, or request a customer amount

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Create quotes quickly and accurately

Had a similar job in the past? Copy an existing quote and edit as necessary, or use inventory items to make a new quote within seconds and send it by email. Customers can accept the quote with the click of a button, instantly sending you a notification that they are happy with your quote

Every one of your jobs in a single place

All your jobs are listed for you to review at a glance. The status of each job, the start and end date and the cost of the job are all there for you to see. Filter your jobs to see where you are owed money, which jobs have quotes, which have not been accepted or sort your jobs by start date

Access customers information with a single tap

All your customers information is kept in one place with SmartTrade App, including their address and contact details. Send them emails or text messages, call them or get directions to their job all within the app. Bulk upload all your existing customers and their info with your Mac or PC’s browser

No signal? Work off line and sync up when you’re back online

Update your jobs even when you’re offline. SmartTrade App lets you do everything except take a live card payment (you need at least one bar of a 3G connection for that). As soon as you’re back online, we’ll sync everything up again. Queued Paylink emails and Pay By Bank app requests will also be sent once you’re online again

Customise your paperwork

Add your company logo to your invoices and quotes, attach a PDF of your Terms and Conditions and customise the footer to include your payment terms or a message to your customers

Import your invoices into your accounting software

With SmartTrade App all of your invoices, quotes and payments are in one place. In a forthcoming app release, you will be able to download all your data as a CSV file with just one click for easy integration into Xero accounting software

Need to invoice & organise your business on the go?

Our Invoicing Plus Product also includes all the features in Payments

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