Card Reader Comparison

SmartTrade App iZettle Paypal Here Sum Up Square
Transaction Charge 1.75% - 2.15% + 20p 1.75% - 2.50% 1.50% - 3.40% + 20p 1.95% - 2.95% 1.75% - 2.50%

Maximum fee you will be charged

No Card Reader Required
Card Reader Cost £0 £29 + vat £35 £59 £29 + vat
Monthly Fee From £0 £0 - £20 £0 £0 £0
Contract Free
Mobile App
Virtual Terminal
Job Scheduling
Team Management
Premium Support

Whether you are a large or small business a credit card machine is definitely a must have in order to make purchases easier for your customers, potential boost in profits and make your business appear credible and professional.

Before you are able to start accepting debit or credit card payments from your customers you'll need to choose the best mobile card reader in order to process these payments. It is essential to find the right acquirer for your business based on what they can offer, transaction fees, monthly fees and how they can benefit your business. To make it easier for you to compare all Card Reader products and decide which is best for you we have gathered a comparison of the top four credit card machines & readers for UK small business.


Transaction Fees

Our transaction fees range from 1.75% - 2.15% + 20p. For enterprise businesses we can offer competitive custom fees. We also don’t limit the maximum transaction amount.

No Card Reader Cost

Our app turns your smartphone’s built in camera into a secure card scanner therefore getting rid the need for an external card reader. Other service payment providers require you to purchase their card reader in order to process any card transaction. Paying for a reader can be very costly, the most expensive is Paypal Here at £79.95.



Our app will allow you to send a paylink via email to your customer so that they can conveniently make a secure payment online with their credit or debit card.

Virtual Terminals

For times when you can not take payment face to face or the card is not present then transactions can still be taken by telephone, email or online through our web dashboard.


Set-up Fee

There is no set-up fee or joining fee to use SmartTrade App. Registration is quick and easy. To set up an account with us  we ask for your business and banking details. You can try the app for free for 30 days.

Paid Plans

Even though our monthly fees (Subscription) may be higher than other services we do offer additional features included in our plans to help you get organised and paid on time. You can create and send customised paperless invoices and quotes, track and manage payments. 


SmartTrade App is a card reader app and such does not require any hardware or card reader to take card payments. SmartTrade App uses the built in camera in the smartphone to quickly scan debit or credit card to process secure card payments. No photos or card details are saved on the device or online. SmartTrade App is the best option for businesses that are not working in a fixed location and tailor made for small businesses on the move. SmartTrade App turbo charges thousands of merchants across a range of industries such as retail, beauty, plumbing, transport and accommodation.

SmartTrade App is quick to setup, taking about 5 minutes, is fully transparent with pricing with no hidden fees, contracts or setup fees. You will have access to your account via SmartTrade App on any Apple or Android device and also through our online web dashboard. See all of our Features and Pricing

Take card payments with your smartphone

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