Running a Bed and Breakfast? Let SmartTrade App help.

Using SmartTrade App means a more profitable B&B.

If you are running a B&B or small luxury hotel, organisation is everything. You want to get all the messy admin work taken care of, take payments quickly and focus on giving your guests the best experience possible. Well with SmartTrade App all of this is possible! 

Here are some tips that will help you transform your business and the way you take card payments with SmartTrade App. No more need to worry!

1. Take deposits for your room bookings via the SmartTrade App online Web Dashboard. You can use the apps (Apple or Android) to clear the balance when the guest is leaving. Just search for the customer email address or name. Most our the B7Bs that use SmartTrade App just use the online Web Dashboard to manage to payments. If you have a guest who is coming to stay at your lovely B&B, you want to take a deposit (for say 50%) and then take the balance of the payment when they checkout! On the Web Dashboard;

On the Dashboard:

On the App;


2. Send Paylinks to your guest bookings for them to pay wherever they are in the world. Paylinks are emailed invoices with a request to pay by card, its an invoice detailing all the costs of their stay, plus any requested extras (e.g. breakfast) and they will be able to view it on an email, and then go to a secure webpage to pay it off wherever they are on their mobile device or PC. You’ll be notified as soon as they have paid.

3. Accept any major foreign cards. (Non-EU debit/credit cards are subject to an extra 1.5% per transaction card fee)

Also you can go paperless, get 0% per transaction on your card fees (just tap Add Card Fee and tap 100% to roll the 2.65% and 20p on the customer receipt), and organise your Jobs or Sales all in the SmartTrade App.

We were featured in the Luxury B&B Magazine.

Sign up to SmartTrade App on your Apple app, Android app or Online and take a card payment now!

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