SmartTrade App’s Top 5 Christmas Party Activities

Halloween has passed and it’s officially acceptable to start thinking of putting up those Christmas ornaments to cheer up the workspace. Outside is getting cold, you see more and more snowmen and red color schemes on coffee shops all over town (i.e. Starbucks). One might even say it’s time to break out the hot chocolate and start humming those good ol’ jingles!

What else does this period of merry and joy bring to the table? You guessed it – the annual Christmas party. In this regard we thought it’d be a good idea to research alternative activities other than the traditional beer, cocktails and mulled wine in the office. Let’s face it, beer, cocktails and mulled wine will be present no matter what the activity.

Here are SmartTrade App’s top 5 recommendations to make this year`s Christmas party something out of the ordinary:

5. Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts simply must be included when the season to be merry comes around. The opportunity to get together with your colleagues to make little Santa Clauses, décor for your Christmas tree and of course a little Rudolf here and there. You can find venues all over the UK doing Christmas workshops. Depending on what you sign up for, you can take an hour or an entire day. However, we recommend you go out, get some glue guns, glitter and cotton and let everyone free their imagination in the office – with creative influence from the beer, cocktails and mulled wine. Recommended Venue: The Makery

4. Cinema National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, the Nightmare Before Christmas, the Polar Express and the list goes on and on with wonderful, inspiring Christmas movies to help bring you and your peers those holiday cheers (see what I did there?). Many cinemas offer private hire at a decent price, with the opportunity for you and your staff to watch a Christmas movie to get into the holiday spirits, followed by the office after party filled with beer, cocktails and mulled wine. If you are a smaller company, there is of course nothing wrong with replacing the morning power point presentation with an in-office holiday film. Recommended Venue: Everyman Cinema

3. Karaoke “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, In the lane, snow is glistening, A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, Walking in a winter wonderland.” Now imagine the same tune, but sung by Mike in accounting, wearing the tie over his head, holding a glass of bubbly to celebrate a great year and new beginnings. You simply cannot go wrong with karaoke, so Christmas karaoke is a guaranteed winner! Recommended Venue: Korkers Karaoke

2. Darts It`s hard to spin this particular activity to something Christmas oriented. The reason is we were more focused on a specific venue, where they have made the most of your regular game of darts and transformed it into something for every occasion. I am of course talking about, Flight Club Darts in London. You can come down here with your office, and you play darts until the sun comes up, with electronic and interactive dart boards filled with different games depending on your mood. The setting is lounge style, with food and drinks and definitely something to give the year a high end.

1. Table Tennis This was inevitable… If you`ve seen our blog/newsletters before, you have probably also seen how the SmartTrade App staff are suckers for a good game of ping pong. Of course, in early December you can`t bring your office outside to play on public tables, but there are exceptional chains around which brings everything to the party. Our personal favorite is Bounce – where you have an endless meadow of ping pong tables, food, beer, cocktails and mulled wine!

We hope you found some value in our recommended activities for the alternative Christmas party, and please write or call us if you have any questions related to this or about our company and what we do. We hope you have a wonderful end of the year celebration and we`ll see you soon!

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