SmartTrade App is becoming SimplyPayMe

Kent Vorland,  February 28, 2020

SmartTrade rebranding to SimplyPayMe

SmartTrade App has been around for longer than most people are aware. This is simply because it has undergone so many changes, twists and turns. What has become a payments company, providing point of sale technology to SMEs all over the UK and payments technology to companies all over the globe, started off as a mere job lead generator exclusively targeted at plumbers.

The original idea was quite simple; you create a platform that connects consumers looking for a plumber, to a directory of plumbers and then sell the job lead to the highest bidding plumber who then gets the job. However, working this closely to tradespeople made the team at SmartTrade realise there were more pain points to running a business than just the lead generation. One of these major points was the consistent chasing of invoices and getting paid from customers when there was so much friction for the customers to make payments via their online banking. Not to mention, if a sole trader or small business wanted to accept cards, they would be put through a rigorous due diligence procedure, resulting in long settlement times and expensive hardware where they would simply struggle to justify the value of it all.

Well, this is what SmartTrade App swore to change by producing an easy to use, point of sale application, which allowed you to accept payments directly from your phone. This meant getting rid of unnecessary hardware which could be broken, lost or forgotten; not to mention, if you have a larger team of people you would need to distribute expensive logistics which no one other than the one paying for them would care much about!

However, we didn’t stop there. We don’t just want to help SMEs accept payments, we also want you to be able to run your business without having to deal with multiple softwares and applications. So what we did was implement invoicing, CRM features, team management and much more to provide a brilliant one-stop-shop for small business owners.

Over the last years we have seen some amazing use cases from beauticians to charities. We have had thousands of conversations with merchants all over the UK in order to find what they like and what doesn’t quite hit the spot. One recurring bit of feedback we have heard is a misconception of the name “SmartTrade App.”

The name itself stems from a time when the application was exclusively targeted towards tradespeople and was solely based on being a mobile application. Thus, the name symbolising a smarter way of trading with only an application. However, today we are serving so many more services (over 400 in fact!), and offer so much more than an application, that we have decided to rebrand to something more descriptive.

This is why we are proud to announce that SmartTrade App will soon start trading under the name “SimplyPayMe.” We do exactly what it says, simply helping you get paid. We hope this will clear up some confusion and help even more merchants find our solution to help their business.


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