iZettle - Why Small Businesses Should Stay Away

Another giant in the world of payment processing. As with SumUp/ Payleven, iZettle has learned the value of sticking to one option, rather than forcing a merchant to choose between multiple card readers. They now only offer their card reader cleverly named the ‘iZettle Reader’.

When you look at their pricing, iZettle advertises a £0 setup fee, which similar to WorldPay is not untrue, but you’re still obligated to get their £29.99 reader before you can accept any payments. Otherwise, their pricing is quite straightforward where they even supply you with a simple calculator on their website to see how much you’ll be paying in fees. However, if you do a decent amount of card payments every month, you’ll still have to turn over as much as £4577 per month in order to get below 2%, which is simply too much for that kind of volume.

iZettle calculator

As with SumUp, this is a bit oversimplified, where they do not offer a virtual terminal or paylink option. The old app from iZettle made it possible to perform transactions even without the customer being present, but they have now phased this out and made it mandatory for your customer to be physically present and processing the card through their card reader.


iZettle have transparent pricing with one simple option, their iZettle Reader. If you are a small merchant with a fairly low volume of transactions, they quickly become expensive, but may still be a good fit if you have a monthly turnover exceeding £40,000 in which case you will receive a 1% rate. Then again, at that size you’ll probably want the flexibility of taking payments over the phone or via emailed paylinks, which are not offered by iZettle.

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