How to take a Deposit or Part Payment

Part payments or deposits are necessary for;

* Taking money in advance of a job

* Taking money in advance of a booking

* Buying materials in advance and you need the money

You can collect part payment or deposits;

* When you are with a customer with the app

* Over the phone from a customer when you aren't with them via the Web Dashboard

* By email without talking to them via the app or Web Dashboard

Here's how you do it.

Face to face with a customer with the App;

1. Tap the big blue + button on Home screen to 'Create a Job'

2. Tap 'Create an Invoice' then add some costs to the Invoice. Then tap 'Part Payment';

3. Then choose how much of the part payment or deposit you want to take;

And then tap 'Continue' run the customers card through the app as normal.

You can also send the customer a Paylink from the app if you are not with the customer (see below for more).

Not with a customer?

This is where you can take the part payment or deposit over the phone or by email when you aren't with the customer.

Either way you need to login to the Web Dashboard with any web browser with your username and password (its the same as your app login).

If you haven't already created a job for it then click Take Card Payment button on the navigation bar (if you have created a job for it just find the job and go through the process from the first picture below which says 'Lawnmowing Services');

Then add a description;

Then add an amount, and select the percentage amount of part payment or deposit;

Now either call the customer and take the deposit or part payment by asking for their Debit or Credit card over the phone. Just ask for the Long card number, Expiry and CVC number (3 digit card number on the back of the card) that is all you need. You don't need customer name or address and postcode to make the card payment.

OR if you can't speak to them over the phone for whatever reason or prefer to email them, you can send them a Paylink for them to pay*. A Paylink, which is an e-mailed invoice with a Pay My Invoice button in the email body. 

You can send a Paylink from the App or Web Dashboard. The example here is on the Web Dashboard;

Once you click on Paylink on this page you will see this;

You will see the deposit or part payment amount at the the top, and a field for the customer name and customer email address. 

You must fill in the customer email address and its a nice touch to add the customer name as this is referred to in the Paylink email.

Once you've added those just click the 'Send Paylink' button.

Why not try it and send yourself a Paylink with you as the customer?

You get notified by the App and the Web Dashboard if its paid!


What does the customer see?

A customer will see the Paylink in their emailbox, like this;

When opened a customer can see a professionally presented email with Job Number, Amount to pay, a Pay My Invoice button and an attached PDF breakdown of the Invoice thats payable; 

A customer clicks the Pay My Invoice button from their email remotely, it opens a secure webpage on their web browser, then they can enter their Debit or Credit card details using the secure form;

They just enter their card details. Again, the long card number is checked in realtime so the customer knows if there is an error with any number.

Its that easy for them and make you look super professional!

*Note: You can just send the Invoice WITHOUT a request to pay by clicking Send Invoice on the Job page if you've added it as a job. 

You can watch this more in detail in our tutorial videos on Jobs and Payments on our YouTube Channel.

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