Running an event or fundraiser and taking card payments?

Running an event or fundraiser and expecting a lot of card payments in a short space of time? Here is the essential guide;

1. Have multiple devices logged in to one account, like mobiles or laptops. Take your laptop down to the event and login to the online Web Dashboard through any web browser like Chrome or Safari. Also take an iPhone or Android, install the app on them, and login with the same email address and password, so you are all set on more than one device type if one runs out of battery or fails.

2. Connect to WiFi at the event - although the apps work on 3G, WiFi is quicker!

3. Take a test £1.25 card payment on the app or Web Dashboard when you are at the venue just to reacquaint yourself with the app or Web Dashboard. See how to take cards here face to face with the app. Or see how see how to use the online Web Dashboard to take cards on your laptop. Watch here.

4. Need to sell anything in advance? What you could do is create a Job for each Auction item and then send that Paylink, by email, to anyone who wants to buy it. So just login to the online Web Dashboard and click + Create a Job, call it something, add the £ amount and send the Paylink, by adding the customers email address. More about Paylinks' here. Paylinks are good for taking payments in advance. Note: You can't put Paylinks on a product webpage next to the Auction item.

5. Take our support phone number 0203 322 8414 and alert us to the hours of the event so we can be at the end of the phone.

6. Get Stripe Whitelisted with your bank to avoid any account suspension at the event if you are taking a lot of transactions in a short space of time. This whitelisting is a one off action. Call your bank and give them these instructions: Stripe’s ACH company ID, to give their bank: WFMSTRIPE1 and 3270465600.

Follow these steps and you will have tills ringing all day or night!

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