Finding CVV on an AMEX

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Taking Amex cards can be a little different from taking a Visa or Mastercard. American Express have their own security measures and have both CVV and CID numbers on their cards which are often confused. The CVV number on a Visa or Mastercard can be found on the back of the card and are the three digits (see below), on an Amex this would be a CID number and if you use this as the CVV number when processing a payment, it will be declined. The CVV number on an Amex are the four digits above the last few digits of the card (see below) and is what you need to enter when processing a payment.

"CVV is an anti-fraud security feature to help verify that you are in possession of your credit card. For Visa/Mastercard, the three-digit CVV number is printed on the signature panel on the back of the card immediately after the card's account number. For American Express, the four-digit CVV number is printed on the front of the card above the card account number.

A 3-digit number in reverse italics on the back of your credit cardA 4-digit number on the front, just above your credit card number"
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