SmartTrade wows Tech Industry at Couchbase Europe Live

On Monday we demo'd the power of our new amazing Offline and Sync app at Couchbase Europe Live in London.  

Couchbase is a provider of the most complete database software which powers household names on the web like eBay, Linkedin and PayPal. SmartTrade App is one of the first full scale apps to use Couchbase Mobile platform.

It was a tech industry insider event, which was showcasing the best of the best, so we were pretty excited to be there.

The new SmartTrade App we showed means Small Business Owners and Merchants who use the app won't need Internet access to use the 99% of the app!* And if you have Internet access all updates are sync'd in real-time so you don't have to refresh or pull down pages to update. As some people have commented after a demo "the new SmartTrade App is a magical experience" and "a game changer for small business owners". You won't have seen anything like it.

Catherine Woolgar, coFounder and our CTO, gave a great talk in front of a packed crowd of leading developers and tech companies at the Couchbase Europe Live

It was amazing to show our progress with the Couchbase Mobile platform to the world. “SmartTradeApp is an awesome mobile application that efficiently leverages the power of seamless syncing of Couchbase Lite and SyncGateway” Terry Dhariwal, Couchbase.

After that we participated in a Closed door panel with world famous names Ryanair, Amadeus, Criteo, and Viber! It was a great session, and you can watch snippet of Catherine speaking here.

The app release for iPhone, iPad and Android is imminent.

* You will only need one bar of 3G in the final card processing page to process a card payment.

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