Bin Your Bookkeeper!

The headline is controversial. We obviously don't want to see anyone lose their job but SmartTrade automates a lot of what is done by hand by bookkeepers. We've spoken to a few bookkeepers and they welcome anything that automates repetitive and boring manual entry tasks. 

There's a feature on the SmartTrade Web Dashboard which is like having a robot bookkeeper. It collects all your payments and other items automatically.  

So you don't have to do anything to generate very precise and efficient administration of your ins and outs of your business for your accounting package or accountant ....apart from click a button. Click the button called 'Download Payments' in the Payments section of the SmartTrade web dashboard (then just choose the date range of the payments);

SmartTrade Button

It will download automatically. 

You can then open the file in Excel (PC), Numbers (Mac) or Google Docs and edit the columns or the data. 

Then save that file.

Now you have a choice.

You can either upload the file to; 








.... Just import the file. Its that simple. 

Or email that file to your accountant/ bookkeeper. 

They will be AMAZED with your instantly super organised presentation of your books!

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