Angel Business Club continues to support SmartTrade

Over the years there have been many people and organisations who have helped us get where we are today. One of these is the Angel Business Club, or ABC. In this post we want to give a shoutout to the people and members at ABC to show our gratitude as they keep relentlessly supporting SmartTrade App as we grow to serve merchants all across the UK.

ABC is a membership only, business accelerator. The club carefully selects which businesses they choose to work with and help grow, after which they invite their members from all over the globe to participate ...

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How Dream Doors Franchisees Have Embraced SmartTrade App

Dream Doors Kitchen

Accepting debit- and credit card payments allows your business to become much more flexible. Despite transaction rates you may not experience on a bank to bank transfer, this will still greatly benefit you in the long run. Your customers will appreciate that you accommodate them in however way they would like to pay, which in turn increases the chances of those customers recommending you to others and coming back for future needs.

SmartTrade App has over the past few months been working with several franchisees from Dream Doors, serving as a card payment facility provider, as well as a tool ...

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How SmartTrade App is preparing for GDPR

Here at SmartTrade we understand the importance of security and staying up to date with our compliance responsibilities in order to best protect all the businesses around the UK using SmartTrade to run their business. Our CFO and Data Protection Officer, Angela Swift, has put together a short summary of what GDPR is and how we are preparing for when it becomes enforceable on May 25th, 2018. We will also be writing a separate article on how you can prepare as a small business or sole trader so you don’t risk getting a hefty fine from the EU.

What ...

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Celebrating the Wonderful Women in SmartTrade App

international women's day at smarttrade app

In our blogs we often write about how to thrive as a small business owner, what card reader you should choose, how to make the most out of every season, even in downtimes and so on. However, SmartTrade App are proud to support other values than just trying to take care of our merchants and small business owners around the UK. On a day like today, we’d like to take a moment to honour the incredible women in SmartTrade’s range of executives who are absolutely vital to our daily operations. Without them, there would be no SmartTrade App ...

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What Customers Want from YOU

customer service and expectations

Your product is top notch. We know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Gaining a loyal customer base, however, is about more than just a great product.

It’s time to face the truth that your business is only as good as your customers think it is. If until now you didn’t take a close look at how you treat your customers, the numbers speak for themselves. Studies show that 78% of consumers bail on businesses because of a single incident of poor customer service. Even if consumers decide to give you another shot, it takes an average ...

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How to Provide the Best Seasonal Offerings

small business seasonal offers

You see them everywhere. Whether it’s coupons, discounts or deals, seasonal offers are a familiar presence in our consumer lives. We don’t just like them, we actively encourage and expect them. The mobile payments industry is no different; even here at SmartTrade App we tend to take advantage of, and offer a lot of seasonal deals which are simply too good to pass on.

Yet, while the focus seems to be on the benefit of the consumer, we must not forget that seasonal offers done right can be a goldmine for your business. Giving you the opportunity to ...

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Deepa Mann-Kler - The Artist Who Can Do it All

Here at SmartTrade App we like to shine a light on our amazing merchants. We recently had the chance to have a chat with Deepa Mann-Kler about how she pursued her career as a multi-disciplinary artist.

Hi! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

“Of course! My name is Deepa and I work as a full-time artist. I work with paintings, drawings, photography, and primarily with the creation of neon light installations. I create artwork that aims to connect with society and represent cases that I am passionate about. An important factor for me ...

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Ever turned down a job due to lack of equipment?

It’s certainly not an uncommon phenomenon that smaller businesses often get the short end of the stick simply because they don’t have the same equipment stash or liquidity as we see in the massive market players. SmartTrade App has been there in the world of payments processing, and the same is true in trade and construction. Once contracts reach a certain magnitude, one-man-bands and smaller teams may have to turn it down, even if they win the bid, solely on the base of not having the right equipment. Not to mention, if you need 6 massive pieces of ...

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How to ensure you get paid and keep making money in seasonal downtimes

January and August are dead months on many fronts. How do you stay on top of your business, make sure you're still able to get paid and make everything go around, all at the same time? Here are 5 useful ideas you can apply to keep business coming in, even during seasonal downtimes.

1. Have a go at pop-up sales

Everyone loves a good sale. Pop-up sales offer great discounts for a limited time only. Utilize social media to promote your products and services, and generate excitement around upcoming pop-up sales. Contact existing customers by mailing lists to offer ...

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Accounting and Tax Reporting with SmartTrade App

Your corporate tax return is perhaps the most predictable of business activities in the course of a year. You can rest assured the HMRC will never forget your business, no matter how big or small. They’ll be on your doorstep to collect their share every year! At SmartTrade App we aren’t forgetting about it either. We’ve written this piece of content to show you how SmartTrade App can help you complete your corporate taxes at the end of your fiscal year, and we also show you why you should not rely on Stripe to help you with ...

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