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Getting Started With SmartTrade’s Card Payment App

Kent Vorland,  May 9, 2017

If you have recently signed up to SmartTrade App, or did in the past this post contains everything you need to know to get started. It’s divided into sections and topics, so feel free to skip ahead by clicking the topic you want to read about below if you don’t want to start from the […]

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COVID-19 Support for Businesses

Kent Vorland,  March 19, 2020

Dear Business Owner, At SmartTrade we continuously try to do what we can to help businesses get through these tough times which are affecting the entire global population, perhaps more than anything, small business owners. The UK government has moved quickly in rolling out emergency packages targeting COVID-19 business support in an attempt to help […]

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Letter from CEO: SmartTrade App and COVID-19

Kent Vorland,  March 18, 2020

Dear SmartTrade Customer, We are proud to serve businesses such as yours all over the UK and always look to champion small business owners and sole traders, with the intent of making sure you can always run your business efficiently and get paid. During these times where COVID-19 is sweeping the world and the nation, […]

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SmartTrade App is becoming SimplyPayMe

Kent Vorland,  February 28, 2020

SmartTrade App has been around for longer than most people are aware. This is simply because it has undergone so many changes, twists and turns. What has become a payments company, providing point of sale technology to SMEs all over the UK and payments technology to companies all over the globe, started off as a […]

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Master the fundamentals of risk assessments to win more work!

Kent Vorland,  May 20, 2019

At SmartTrade App, we understand how important it is to simplify processes so our customers can get keep up with customer demands. And that is especially important when tackling things that involve complicated regulatory requirements Recently one of our partners, HANDS HQ, the UK’s most-trusted risk assessment and method statement software, released an ebook that […]

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Cheaper Transactions and New Payment Methods

Kent Vorland,  October 17, 2018

That’s right, SmartTrade App is about to undergo a comprehensive upgrade. Through a series of partnerships and almost an entire year of developments, we’re about to re-launch our application and website to offer our existing and new customers something never-before seen in the mobile payments space. Before I go in depth of what we’re offering, […]

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Payment Methods in 2018 – What’s out there, and what’s right for you!

Kent Vorland,  July 31, 2018

So many things have affected the way we’re able to accept and make payments these days. Most influential are the technological advancements of our age and the post open banking era we live in, which has opened up for a whole new range of financial services. However, as great as the options are, it’s very […]

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Angel Business Club continues to support SmartTrade

Kent Vorland,  May 9, 2018

Over the years there have been many people and organisations who have helped us get where we are today. One of these is the Angel Business Club, or ABC. In this post we want to give a shoutout to the people and members at ABC to show our gratitude as they keep relentlessly supporting SmartTrade […]

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How Dream Doors Franchisees Have Embraced SmartTrade App

Kent Vorland,  April 16, 2018

Accepting debit- and credit card payments allows your business to become much more flexible. Despite transaction rates you may not experience on a bank to bank transfer, this will still greatly benefit you in the long run. Your customers will appreciate that you accommodate them in however way they would like to pay, which in […]

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How SmartTrade App is preparing for GDPR

Kent Vorland,  March 13, 2018

Here at SmartTrade we understand the importance of security and staying up to date with our compliance responsibilities in order to best protect all the businesses around the UK using SmartTrade to run their business. Our CFO and Data Protection Officer, Angela Swift, has put together a short summary of what GDPR is and how […]

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Celebrating the Wonderful Women in SmartTrade App

Kent Vorland,  March 8, 2018

  In our blogs we often write about how to thrive as a small business owner, what card reader you should choose, how to make the most out of every season, even in downtimes and so on. However, SmartTrade App are proud to support other values than just trying to take care of our merchants […]

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What Customers Want from YOU

Diana,  March 5, 2018

Your product is top notch. We know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Gaining a loyal customer base, however, is about more than just a great product. It’s time to face the truth that your business is only as good as your customers think it is. If until now you didn’t take a close […]

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