How 'Cash Only' Can Be a Business Killer

Cash only

How a card payment app is better than ‘cash only’

There are many businesses who believe that by being ‘cash only’, they’re saving themselves money. But in reality, their stance against credit and debit cards could be hurting their business. By not embracing the rise of mobile payments and card payment apps, they’re losing out on a lot of potential revenue.

These businesses may argue that the cost of a card payment machine and the transaction fees on top of that make it unattractive for small to medium enterprises, but there are factors they may not be taking ...

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Why Credit and Debit Card Payments are Here to Stay

Credit and debit card payments

Credit and debit cards aren’t going anywhere

There’s been some talk lately that the humble credit and debit card are on the chopping block in favour of new payment methods, such as paying with your mobile phone.

But according to the statistics, credit and debit card payments are only continuing to rise, and are the preferred method of purchasing goods and services. This is why it’s important that merchants maintain a card payment presence.

Why mobile payments aren’t infallible

The rise of Apple and Samsung Pay does give consumers another payment option method, but these cannot ...

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Get Paid on Time With a Card Payment App

Pay by credit card

Card payment apps mean you get paid faster

If you’re looking to get paid on time, it could be time to look at a card payment app.

Small to medium businesses, especially traditional ones like the trades, rely on getting paid on time. But one of the biggest problems that many companies encounter is clients who are unreliable when it comes to paying an invoice.

Age of Plastic

Sitting down at a computer with their bank card, your invoice, and the will to actually pay you is not something that most people will want to do with their spare ...

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Build A Business With SmartTrade App

Small business worker

We supply small businesses all over the UK with the ability to accept customer card payments through our mobile card reader application. However, that’s not all we do! We care about our merchants and interact with them every day to make sure we’ve done all we can in helping them run a successful business.

In light of our recent webinar, SmartTrade’s first ever (!), we’re very pleased to have received great feedback and wish to extend this to entrepreneurial souls everywhere to help grow your business. Whether you’re thinking of starting a business, or have already ...

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15 Secrets to Make Your Business Fly

SmartTrade App webinar

SmartTrade's First Webinar is Here

We're very pleased and excited to announce that SmartTrade's first official webinar is finally here. Not to mention, at the time of writing, we only have one seat left to fill, which is above and beyond what we expected for our first one.

Because of this we can assure you there will be more webinars to come, so if you missed out on this one, you can simply sign up to the next one, and the one after that!

What this webinar is all about

You learn a lot when starting a ...

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Starting a Small Business and Getting Paid

Credit and debit cards

Start your business and get paid faster

A lot goes into starting your own business. You need to get your equipment set up, your accounts in order, potentially registering with Company House (or the equivalent) – And this is all before you start getting paid!

SmartTrade App takes a little bit of hassle out of starting your business and getting that first of many payments through.

Start getting paid right now by downloading SmartTrade App:

SmartTrade App is your personal invoicing tool

Creating a working invoicing and payment setup is time consuming, but SmartTrade App takes care of that. You can ...

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Going Paperless With a Mobile Card Reader

Apple devices

Why mobile card readers are increasingly important to your business

When mobile card readers first came out, they were slow, cumbersome, and would often have connectivity issues. Some businesses were either put off by these issues, didn’t think a mobile card reader was something their business needed, or simply didn’t want to use the technology itself. But burying your head in the sand isn’t really an option these days.

The technology behind card readers has advanced dramatically in the last decade, meaning they’re reliable, fast, and easy-to-use. Because of this, they’ve become increasingly popular with ...

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Getting Paid in 2017

Online shopping

The staple way to get paid as a small business has been the same for ages – As a trade person, you do the work, write up an invoice, send it and wait for the money to come in. Or if you’re selling a product, the buyer pays you and can then walk away with their purchase. But the modern world has seen a shift from all the paper trails we know, including invoices and cash.The rise of debit and credit card payments

It’s been nearly 70 years since the first credit card came into being. In that ...

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Getting Started With SmartTrade's Card Payment App

SmartTrade App devices

If you have recently signed up to SmartTrade App, or did in the past this post contains everything you need to know to get started. It’s divided into sections and topics, so feel free to skip ahead by clicking the topic you want to read about below if you don't want to start from the top.

1) How to get set up to take your first card payment

  • Signing up to SmartTrade App
  • Connecting to a Stripe account
  • Taking a test card payment
  • Important emails and notifications
  • What to do when your trial ends
  • Security and Compliance
  • 2 ...

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    Making small businesses more accessible with mobile card readers

    Small business worker

    These days, when you need to pay for something, you’re most likely going to open your wallet, pull out a card and slap it on or in the mobile card reader in front of you. This process has become second-nature to most of us.

    But when it comes to many small businesses – like tradespeople or market stall operators – using a mobile card reader to charge a customer is still a new (and potentially off-putting) concept.

    The convenience of a mobile card reader

    Mobile card readers offer a modern way for businesses to receive payments, and cards are fast becoming ...

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